Sun 04
Westbury Ladies
Gordano v Westbury

Gordano v Westbury

By Ben Livings
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Westbury away

Gordano 0
Westbury 10
Half-time 0-5

A valiant effort against a strong side. Our defence was superb with try saving tackles by Coral and Esther and other great tackling from Lisa, Louise, Alice, Izzy and Cerys. Louise also made some strong runs and had a really good game.
However, our play was sometimes a bit scrappy and disjointed (with some knock-ons), and our attacks were not direct enough with too much lateral running.
The forwards worked effectively together in the rucks and scrums with Alice doing a great pick up from the back of a scrum in the first half. Alice was also a dynamo in the rucks with some fantastic turnovers. Well done!
The backs were not as penetrative as usual, stopped by some strong tackles from the opposition. But Cerys did a wonderful run in the second half, only to be stopped by a suspiciously high tackle. She had to go off and we missed her! Fortunately she was all right, except for a bit of a headache and bruise on the cheek!
Well done, guys! You played your hearts out, but sadly today wasn't your day. But the opposition coach said how well you played and how much you have improved!
Powerful drive again, and Sam hooked brilliantly in a position she doesn't particularly like!
Sometimes a bit scrappy, but some good catching and lifting.
Forward of the match
Turnovers, tackles and great running!
Back of the match
Brilliant game - great tackles, runs and good tidying up behind the forwards. Well done!

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Sun 04, Nov 2018