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Club Development Plan Update

Club Development Plan Update

Joe Rowsell5 Mar - 15:14
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A quick update from the last 5 weeks

Since our meeting and proposal on the 24th January we have forged ahead with various aspects of our Facility Development Plan, our progress can be seen below.

Lighting- secured quotes and availability to install the LED floodlights, through many rounds of negotiations we have now found a supplier who fulfils our needs and we are confident they will surpass expectation when it comes to the install.

Changing Room Flooring- local companies were invited to quote for the works, from the 3 we had who actually turned up we have decided to progress with who did the 'snug' area upstairs and the new toilets & physio room downstairs. They did a fantastic job last time and it is good to stick with local businesses who deliver.

Path- we are still awaiting quotes for shuttering and concrete. If you can help on either of these please reach out.

Drainage and Posts- we are promised quotes in 3 weeks, this is obviously major work with site surveys etc so we are in their hands with this.

Please contact Joe Rowsell ( 07746112793) or Andy Davies ( if you would like any information or can assist in any of the areas above.

Also a quick mention for the Dinner Dance- get your tickets booked @ Further details on site.


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